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A Proud Moment

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

So....Barak Obama was on The Breakfast Club!

Why does this make me proud? Because I've been watching since Ray J wanted to send booty goons at Fab. It makes me proud to see what it started from, and how it's going. I feel a part of the story. This is huge! Obama chose those black people to interview him about his new book, A Promise Land. That is fucking huge! He could have gone anywhere, but he chose this set of intelligent black people to sit in front of. They asked good, and thoughtful questions too. I'll get to that later.

Angela Yee: I'm happy for Angela Yee specifically. I have personally heard people say "what's the point of her being on the show?" Downplaying her role. Ion like det. Angela's role has always been valuable. Those people are wrong. Her voice is soft, but her impact is felt by people like me. Her confidence is quiet. Her humor and wit is quick & intelligent. She speaks up for what she believes in. She stands her ground, even though it makes her uncomfortable. She is a professional at all times. Most importantly to me, she is unapologetically herself. I recognize people like that because it's not easy, since many people don't possess that skill. That is what I see in her, and it makes me proud.

The Breakfast Club: O Fucking bama?! My first reaction was a huge smile. As I listen, I notice that these 3 have studied. They are well prepared. Looking good, and fully aware of how important this moment is to people like me in the culture. Charla asked thoughtful questions about politics. He asked pointed follow up questions. Didn't let my only president off easy. He too was himself, which I admire. I can tell that Envy is passionate about relationships. He pays close attention to things like that when talking to other guests. Obama was no different. He asked questions that got Obama to speak candidly about times that weren't easy in his marriage. One thing Obama said, that resonated with me, was that him and Michelle never lost basic respect for each other. They always knew each others intentions. I felt that because I was in a relationship were my intentions were good, but my partners weren't. Plus basic respect had been tramples all over.

What does it say about The Breakfast Club, that Obama though well enough, to choose them to discuss his book. It says everything to me. I am so proud. Am I in the Breakfast Club? Are they my family? No lol I really just be proud of people. Idk why. It's weird, but I like that about myself. Sue me.

A few random thoughts before I go. Obama is sharp as hell. and he has a potty mouth behind closed doors. That's fucking LIT!

k bye.

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