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Music That Made Me Feel Something - Satish - Tee Grizzley

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

So, I love music that makes me feel things. I love when an artist has sense and gets introspective. I freaking love growth.....all dat extra stuff, but this isn't about me. There are 2 songs that I have been listening to ever since the day they dropped. Both songs had the same affect on me. I guess I should tell you which songs before I start typing too much. The first is Intro - Da Baby and the second is Satish - Tee Grizzley.

I'll start with Satish. I first heard it from across my bedroom, playing on my boyfriends phone. He was watching the video. I was aware of his aunts murder, so when I heard the lyrics I was tuned in all the way from across the room. The lyrics hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt his pain. He touched on things that many of us go through.

They call bein' broke "real", they call gettin' money "fake" I gave you a bitch, why you still lookin' at my date

I gave you some food, why you still lookin' at my plate, nigga?

He touched on the entitlement, greed, and ungratefulness that people close to you feel when you've been holding them down.

Look how they tried to do me but got JB Man that jealousy so real, man that hate so deep Man that envy shit so real, you make it out the streets You saw it wasn't me and still shot, what she do to you?

He touched on a hot topic in our community. The hate that exist in an artist's home town. Some people, like Boosie say you have to get out. You have to leave your hood. Some people choose to stay among the people because that's how you help best. Who knows our needs better than us. Nipsey was one of those guys, that chose to stay.

Eye's bloodshot red, niggas know I ain't been sleepin' But all these dead loved ones make it hard to sleep All this anger inside make it hard to grieve Ayy, all this nicotine make it hard to breathe

All these tears in my eyes make it hard to sleep

He touched on the trauma and grieving process. How we feel when someone is taken from us. He's always speakin that real, genuine, shit. He mentions the demons that come with the life so many people like him have to deal with. A struggle that is so relatable to black men around me.

The song is full of emotions. He poured it all out on the track. Those are the songs that I usually gravitate toward. Real people going through real things and saying it poetic way. I hope that Tee can figure out a healthy way to ease is pain. This song might have been his therapy session, because like I said. I felt the pain in those lyrics. I use my journal in the same way. To get my feelings out.

Things like this creatively inspire me. I'm such an empathetic person. This morning, I was riding with my man, and we were blasting Satish. I was enjoying the song and so into the lyrics that I started to get teary eye'd. I felt sorry that he was in such pain. I hate to see people like that. It makes me want to do a portrait of the person, to say thank you sharing. I'm sure, as an artist, and as black man, it is very hard to be that open about your feelings. I hope that something beautiful is born out of something so tragic. Satish is a beautifully honest song.

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