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I'm sitting here watching a Roddy Rich interview. It isn't the first or second time hearing what he has to say. I really really like him. He is fruit off of Nipsey's tree. He has a lot of sense. Wise beyond his years. He saves his money. Takes care of his family. He not naive. He doesn't give trust easily. You must earn it from him. That way you know it's real when you get it. He's my favorite type of nigga. I wan't to see him win.

I'd like to see Roddy win because it would be symbol of the prolific man that Nipsey was. Prolific means to produce offspring or fruit in abundance. Roddy succeeding would definitely show me how prolific he was. I already see it in the way that everyone around Nip has positive things to say. He was always teaching and building meaningful relationships. I seek out beautiful people like that. My best friend, Jazz, is like that. Everyone around her says the same thing. She's ALWAYS there when we need her. She's built lasting relationships with many people. She is always leading by example. Working out, eating right, and treating people right. Prolific.

There is a creative concept somewhere in here. People like Roddy, Nipsey, and Jazz inspire me to keep going so that I can be prolific as well. Helping others, spreading love, and most importantly exposing frauds. A fraud can't exist in the presence of a person like that. They're too uncomfortable. Surrounding yourself with good people is surrounding yourself with fraud detecting flashlights. Luckily my family is full of good people. I'm a curator of good hearts so that makes me confident.

Succeeding means being able to protect the people that I feel are prolific and producing more. We are a rare breed. We must be protected.

" I'm prolific, so gifted. I'm the type that's gon' go get it, no kiddin"

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