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I cried today. The things I talked about with you are hard for me to say out loud. I wouldn‘t say them to anyone else unless backed into a corner.

One day I won’t cry and these convos will get easier. Today was a release. I wasn’t “sad”. There was some happiness swirling around in those tears. Mixed with a lil disappointment and perspective shifting in a positive direction. Those aren’t the worst kind of tears to have.

Hennyways...I realized at the end of today, that I need to learn how to solve obstacles before they get to the “Really bitch? So you just gon let this get worse?” stage.

I love that I’m so nonchalant. I love my stoicism. It’s part of me. It also needs to be checked in some areas because balance is what I need.

“Sometimes you gotta use what you got to get what you want.”

- Ronnie

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