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Welcome To MaiWorld

I be in my own little world. I have this little gift. The ability to escape (with out drugs) almost at will. It's hard to explain but if you know, you know.

What's in MaiWorld? Well ..................................

The sky looks like dusk, midnight, and sunny all at the same time. The rain and the wind orbit around MaiWorld.

There are beautiful BLACK women everywhere. Beautiful women of color are in abundance as well . We are worshiped. We walk around naked mostly. Golden stretch marks on every ass. If we're dressed, it's in diamonds. All different hairstyles. We do what we want w/o explaining.

There are beautiful men of color there too. Super dark, dark, medium dark, caramel, peanut butter, light. All shades. They know what they are there to do (IYKYK). They lift us up. They love on us. Some have big cocks. Some have big dicks. Some have medium cocks. Some have medium dicks. They say less, and do more.

The rivers look like golden honey. The sand looks like sparkling light brown sugar. The mud looks, feels, and tastes like the richest of milk chocolates. It's still mud though. Do with that what you will.

Twerking will not be judged (almost nothing will, but damn sure not asses shaking). It lightens every ones mood. If you think otherwise, that's cool. With all due respect, please leave MaiWorld. It isn't for you.

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