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Who is Bri Yvonne ?

I am a creative. I am a woman. I am proud. I am an engineer. I am a thinker. I am a solver. I am a lover. I pride myself in my ability to find the beauty in the ordinary. I try to appreciate things for what they are. We often don’t appreciate what we have until it slips out of our hands.


“It’s the simple things in your life that make up the bulk of it. The mundane is where we live and we end up missing most of it. We find it again in the silence and in attention of everyday life.”

― Eric Overby


Basically, creativity is in me, not on me. My goal is to enjoy the journey, and whistle while I work.

I have been creating through out my entire life. Creativity manifests itself in many aspects of my life. I started out drawing portraits and fashion sketches in graphite pencil all through-out my childhood. I would draw figures of women on note cards with different outfits on each woman. During my college years, art took a back seat because I was a full time student athlete, studying computer science, and playing basketball, which didn't leave much time for creating art. After I retired from basketball, and graduated from school, I began working as a software engineer.  Even during those years,I found ways to display creativity. There is an art to designing websites, and writing algorithms. 

These days, I am still a software engineer and a mother, which  doesn't sound any less busy, but when you're born a creative, you will always find your way back to creating. By day I am  beautifying websites (BriYvonne the Engineer), and by night I am painting beautiful paintings (BriYvonne the Artist). 

My style is ever-evolving. I enjoy portraits, landscapes, flowers, colors, fashion, continuous learning and progress, being black, and being creative. That combination of interests is bound to make for some interesting art. Just don't put me in a box because I don't belong there. If you'd like to know more about my style, check out my portfolio.

I am, indeed, an artist, but I don't like to limit myself to just that. I am a creative thinker in general. I have a passion for depicting Black people and Black culture in a beautifully authentic way. I would like to show my people that you are amazing, everything you need to be successful is already inside you. Be confident and know that you are worthy. Put action behind those desires, and never ever give up. Your dream will become reality when it's your time. Remember to stay tenacious. Ignore those negative, doubtful thoughts that tell you to quit. Success is a journey, not a destination so whistle while you work. The ride will be bumpy, so hang on for dear life and celebrate your successes, big and small. That is how you express gratitude and achieve more. 


You can guarantee that everything  created by me is made with love. To support me, become a patron or a  collector. That means the world to me. 

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