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Hanging Your Canvas Print

Because I offer canvas prints, I'd like to also help you figure out how to hang it. Just incase you don't already know how. Getting straight to the point here are the best options, I found,  for a complete novice to display their canvas print.

How to Frame Rolled Canvas Prints

If you’ve purchased a rolled canvas print or painting, you’ll need to stretch the canvas before framing it. 

To frame a rolled canvas, you’ll need a few extra items:

  1. First, you’ll need to measure the height and width of your canvas to see what frame size you’ll need. Make sure to leave enough canvas to fold and staple to the stretcher bar. If you need to cut the canvas because there is an excess that makes folding impossible or bulky, leave at least two inches of canvas to fold over and stretch. TIP: Use shorter stretcher bars if you’d like to use a wood frame. If you’re using a floater frame, read this guide to pairing canvas floater frames with stretcher bars to find the right size.

  2. Place your canvas face down on a clean surface. To ensure that the canvas is placed evenly, measure the distance between the corners; they should be the same.

  3. Starting on one of the shorter sides of the canvas, fold one side of the “extra” canvas over the stretcher bar and use the canvas pliers to hold it in place. If you’re not using canvas pliers, you can simply begin stapling. Staple once in the middle of the folded piece of canvas.

  4. Turn the canvas to the opposite side (turning 180 degrees) and repeat the folding and stapling step until all sides are done.

  5. Once each side of the frame have a single staple, pull the canvas slightly — not too much, or your canvas won’t be able to shrink or expand — and add a staple on either side of the middle one, spaced evenly apart.

  6. Fold the corners by tucking one side under the other, making sure that you are pulling the canvas tightly. Cut the tip of the corner before folding down and then staple it to the frame.

Once your canvas is stretched, you can place it into its final frame.

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