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Book Notes : It's All in Your Head by Russ

I chose to read this book, It's All in Your Head, because Russ is a person that intrigues me for multiple reasons. He's very intelligent, young, and successful. He earned his success on his own, in a non-traditional way. He had the confidence to believe in himself and his music is good and continues to get better. His fans are connected to him because his music is him. I've watched many of his interviews, and the conversations are always deep. He's not afraid to be disliked because he is confident. Basically, I like his mind, so I wanted to dig deeper into it, and see what I could learn from his lessons learned on his road to success.

This book is for people who have a flame flickering and want to do something. Bringing something into existence using my head = manifestation = music or in my case, painting. I'm am definitely who this book is for.

  • 3 essential qualities desired for turning your real life into your dream life: Delusion, strength, and gratitude.

  • Confidence: Walk into a situation like "I'm gonna kill this". Where you see failure, I see stepping stones. There is a period where you are the only one who believes you can do what's in your head and when you actually do it. Ride it out! That's where most people lose. During this time, you will be sharpening your knowledge, which will make you confident. I'm the shit. I can fucking do it. I am great now. Y'all just don't know it yet. Bloop! There is no ceiling. It's all in your head.

Part 1 : Delusion

  • Manifesting is building my dream brick by brick. Close my eyes, imagine what I want. Imagine the feeling. Every little detail. Feel the joy of making your mom proud. Feel the wind in your hair. Believe that it will happen tomorrow, if not, the next day.

  • Keep poking away at the universe. Contact people I want to work with. Say fuck it and ask for what I want. How will they know I want it. Whats the worst that can happen? That's how Russ got on MTV w/o knowing how he was actually going to make it happen.

  • Document the before because you know there will be an after. Announce to the universe what my dreams are. Million dollar paintings.

  • My price is my price, and it's high because I'm luxurious and I worked hard to get here. I am successful, y'all need to catch up.

  • Get delusional! Be insane because that's how you need to be to win. You will be the only one who believes in you. That's OK. That's how you know you're doing the right thing.

  • You have to believe it to see it. I believe in myself. Positive thoughts. Do not succumb to self doubt.

  • Find beauty in the ugly. Black people are amazing at this.

  • Trust the what, not the when. Get so lost in your passion that you lose track of time. You cant put a deadline on success. Detach from when. You can't control it. Focus on WHAT you want. Be able to fail and bounce right back like nothing happened.

  • The game: Fuck the points. Play for the love of the game, not the money. Find your passion. What fills me up with the most enthusiasm? If you play for the points, you will get rich and stop trying. {lay for the love.

  • You have to have supreme confidence, which is believing in yourself more than the average person. Insecure get pissed off by confidence. Others get motivated and enlightened. Your energy will inspire.

  • "Fear is the wall, belief is what capitulates you over the wall."

Part 2: Persistence

  • When the work feels like work, your work ethic will be bad. I get lost painting. I can do it everyday all day. It doesn't feel like work. That's how you choose your passion. What doesn't feel like work? You do have work ethic, you may not have found work that you love.

  • The world rewards confidence and belief. You might be better than me, but not for long. I'm gonna work and pass you.

  • Pull the trigger. Listen to your first rash thought. Leaps of faith. Don't hesitate. Less think more do. Follow your intuition.

  • When you get an offer, think of it as validation that you are being noticed, even if you don't take it. More will come.

  • Be sensitive and vulnerable. It's a strength. When you are upfront about your shit, nobody can use it against you. Get personal. Put yourself out there fully. Bare your soul. Put it all on the table. Take it or leave it. That's being fearless.

  • You cant escape criticism. Don't give a fuck what they say. Give a fuck what you say ONLY.

  • Plotting while being patient. Watch film, way before you get to the league. Study the fan, the player, the coach, and the owner. What worked and what didn't work for other people

  • Patience is your attitude while you're waiting to blow up.

  • When nothing works, keep working. Have tunnel vision on your goal.

  • He went away and made lots of art so that when things took off, and he didn't have time to be in the studio, he'd still have art.

  • Never stop studying and applying.

  • Be self sufficient. Do it yourself. You are enough. Captain your own ship.

  • Don't give so much of your business away that you cant control your destiny. Question authority. Know the ins and outs of yous business. "Own the gym you practice in because the lights are always on." By doing it yourself, you learn how to build your vision.

  • Don't fall for it. Society tells you a lot, but you must follow your own path. Society says behave a certain way, date a certain person, be humble, be practical. Don't. Do your own thing. Don't compare yourself to others.

  • Work in the dark, so you can shine in the light. Race against your own self doubt.

  • Don't think you are lonely because you are alone. Work toward your dream. like you want a relationship. Make your passion your best friend.

  • Don't fall in the trap of "being realistic", it's very limiting. They say that because they haven't seen it done. Show them you can do it. There will always be people who play it safe, and there will always be people who take risks. Choose who you want to be.

  • Being alone helps you learn to center yourself. It also helps you think individually.

  • Move with a purpose. Move with a sense of urgency. Stop putting things off. There is no later on. If I say I'll do it later, I'm not gonna to it. Time is our most prized possession. Understand the value of a minute. "Spending time". Sounds like currency.

  • Keep doing, keep making, keep going. Even if it isn't as good as I want, it will be. Perfection lives on the horizon. There is always more to do.

Part 2: Gratitude.

  • Take it all in. The tornado is coming. You know the storm is coming, you knew that your dreams were going to come, but you still can't believe it. Recognize your achievements so that you can say thank you and receive more. Celebrate all your small and big achievements.

  • I love the process, just like Russ. His inspiration is his future self. Stop looking up to other people. Look up to your potential. What if it can turn out better than you can imagine. As long as you are trying to better yourself, you will always be successful.

  • The journey is the success. Trust the process. Russ is terrified of being content. Each favorite painting I make, doesn't make me stop and say, "ok, I'm done".Enjoy the ride. Success is in the journey, not the destination.

  • You will fall, and they will try to break you. Trust that whatever happens, was supposed to happen. Smooth seas do not make skilled sailors. Be aware of what you are going through and the thoughts you are thinking. Put your feelings into your craft. You will be better and stronger on the other side. Make it to the other side.

  • Keep on going. The journey starts and ends with me. You are the best at being you, and you are the best at believing in yourself.

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