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Moment of Gratitude: Cool Recognize Cool

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

I'd like to share little moments of gratitude. I feel like it'll come in handy when I look back at how far I've come.

Anyway, Yesterday da homie hit me up. Said she was sent an article from her friend, and he had mentioned my name in the art section of an article he was interviewed in. My initial reaction was a flood of gratitude. I feel like I should remember these moments. I didn't expect news like that. That was cool of him. I am very appreciative of things like that because my page is about my art. I like to keep it like that. My personality is dope, but I want to put it into my art.

That's something I struggle with. I go back and forth about putting more of my personality online. I do want my work known and respected. I don't want fame. Yall can keep it. Mind ya bidness. People close to me get the privileged of knowing me. I control access to me. That's just how I feel. That's how I want it. But that comes at the expense of connecting with people. Or does it? Idk yall. Sis is tryna figure it out.

Anyway, I appreciate the mention from this dude. He seems cool. I appreciate my friend for sharing. I appreciate being put on to Fashion Citizen. Seems cool.

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