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There's Something About Her...

There is something to be said about feminine energy. I'm not the first person to feel this way, wont be the last. I'm feeling a way, so I think I should document it.

There is something about her. It's the way she moves. She glides. She flows. Her voice is deep, slow, and inviting. It's the way she looks at me. She looks in my eyes. She sees me. It's her presence, it's nice, light and fun. She's loving and she's always laughing. There's just something about her.

I know what it is. It's her energy. It radiates from within. It's so feminine. It's enticing. It's low key. If you're not attentive, you might miss it. She's cool with that.

Idk what that was. I'll just call it a brain dump for now. I felt it, so I wrote it.

Not to sound, cocky, it just is what it is. Lately, I've been getting a certain energy from guys. I know that energy is transferable, so I must be putting out something that they are responding to. My African neighbor is chatting me up, with that weird look in his eye. Inviting me to eat n shit. My neighbor behind me is starting to speak. It might be nothin, but I don't want to be noticed, let alone have a convo. Don't get comfortable bro. Sorry, not sorry. 2 nice guys are asking for the opportunity to take me out. I.......anyway.... 2 not so nice guys are trying to get back into my good graces. Not gon happen, but it's fun to watch. 1 guy I got my eye on. Enough about him.

I know all of that might sound a way, but I'm really not bragging. Not my style. I'm really just honed in on the energy coming toward me. I'm just noticing what's going on around me, and it's kinda like "oh shit". I wasn't even paying attention. I been keepin my head down. Workin. But now that I know you're paying attention, what will I do with it?

I'm gonna keep painting. I'm gonna give the people what they want. By "the people" I mean my people. They want what I want. They trust me. I trust me.

"Ok Google. Play 'I Like That by Janelle Monae' "

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