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A Plan In Motion: How Do I Ship My Paintings Overseas

The title is self sufficient. I'm trying to figure out how to do a thing the right way for me. I used my IG sponsored posts to do research. After sponsoring a few posts in different areas of the world, I received lots of attention from different places in the world that I didn't expect respond the way they did. Now that I know a few places are particularly drawn to my art, I'd like to test out selling prints to those areas. I need to organize to do it.

What needs to happen before I can ship to these places:

  1. Choose which prints go to which countries (or places in the world)?

  2. Find out how I ship to these places, how much will it coast me

  3. Know how I want my art presented upon arrival.

    1. Stretched canvas, glossy print.

  4. Provide customers with options on how to best display their art.

    1. Create a page on my site for this info and print a paper to ship telling them where to find help displaying their art.

    2. Look up how to get a QR code that send someone straight to the instructions.

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