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"I wrote it down and I followed through"

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

First of all. RIP I miss you Nip.

That has nothing to do with this post tho. A plan just popped into my head so I wanted to document it.. My favorite podcast is coming to Baltimore in December. I try to only pick projects that I am excited for, that make me want to work on it. If I'm going to meet these guys, I shouldn't waste the opportunity, I'd like to create something to show appreciation for the years of entertainment they've provided for me. In the past I wanted to do this, but for whatever reason, I didn't. Now I'm writing it down, so that I can follow through.

Ideas in my head

  1. Create portraits that embody them as their nicknames.

  2. Rasheed Sunflower, Irish McNasty, The Pod Father, and Parks nicknames.

  3. 8 x 10 so they can easily get them home.

  4. A postcard saying a quick thank you and my IG so they know how to find me.

What does Rasheed Sunflower look like? What's the vibe?

  • There will definitely be a blunt somewhere in the picture.

  • He might have a sunflower chain on

  • Mal's normal face expression

What does Irish McNasty look like?

  • He will look like Rory

  • Bling in his ears

  • There might be a bridge in the background. The McNasty bridge. How will I get words onto a bridge?


  • The Parks hive has to be incorporated somehow.

  • Black Tee

What does The PodFather look like?

  • I could incorporate the GodFather logo, but eh....

  • Actually, I'll depict Joe as the GodFather. Only dressed like Joe, with a skully. Rose pinned on shirt

  • Black & White. High contrast. Red rose

Update: Soooooo, I didn't do the nickname idea because I spent too much time going back n forth in my head. I tried to talk myself out of this idea so many times. I thought things like "They probably get gifts or annoying products all the time", "They'll think I want something from them"...Three or four days before the event, I finally grew some balls and definitively decided I was gonna do it. By that time, I didn't have time to do 4 paintings. I barely had time for 1. So I got to work.

I finished the painting the night before the show. I didn't make it to the met and greet before the show bc I'm a late ass bitch, so I had to find a way to get the painting to the guys after the show. I made it happen. In the process, I briefly met Ericson and Savon. I hear their names all the time but hadn't seen them before that day. They saved the day and passed my painting to the guys on the podcast.

Rory and Parks both posted it. I assume Rory liked it. I didn't hear directly from him but he posted it so... Parks told me it was dope so I know he appreciated it. I didn't hear from Joe or Mal, but Mal said thank you in a DM. Savon also told me that he liked it and so did all the guys. So I'm happy about that. If I could do anything differently or better in the future, I'd get the painting scanned or photographed so that I can have a print of what I gave them. I would also write the location and date on the back so that they remember what show they received their gift at (Don't correct my English. I write how I want to write. Thanks:-).

Most importantly, I wrote it down and I followed through. I'm proud of myself

Another Update (7/8/2020): I'm all late with this update. We're hella months into a pandemic, and apparently we're in a race war right now. Shit's lit. Anyways, at the beginning of the pandemic, I caught Joe's live a couple times. I happened to spot the painting in Joe's house. That means he likes it. (If it doesn't, don't tell me. Asshole).

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