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I've Unlocked a New Level

A long this lil journey of mine, I've been searching for ways to express myself. Quickly get feelings out. I've discovered a way to do that through abstract art.

I went home to Ohio. I knew I'd have some idle time on my hands, so I decided to set up and paint. I started Taelor's background. It was very abstract, expressive and full of color. I posted my progress, and people responded. I had no idea that people would like it as is. Michael even said I could stop right there. Best part about it, is that I did it fast. I could get things out FAST.

There are so many pros to working this style:

  1. I can produce bodies of work quickly.

  2. I can create many many color combos with a limited color pallet.

  3. I can build upon the style. I can paint portraits on it, I can paint flowers on it.

  4. How can I incorporate cursive handwriting in my work? That's one of my lil things. I love pretty dainty hand writing. Branding honey. Branding.

  5. The possibilities are endless.

I just had to get this out because it made me happy to discover a new way to express myself

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